Robert Welch

What about Bob?


·       Senior Sales Rep McAfee
·       Senior Sales Rep Intel Security
·       Business Development Manager for SAP
·       Business Development Manager for IBM Software

*      Channel Marketing and Sales for McAfee, Symantec, Trend Micro, Adobe, Autodesk, etc…
·       Project Manager for Insight Enterprises – Go to Market
·       Managed/Coordination of 8 teams of 12 or more
·       World Wide Product Marketing Manager for Texas Instruments

·       Product Manager for Texas Instruments
·       Financial Analyst
·       Product and Test Engineer
·       Worked on the 386 and 486 Microprocessors
·       Characterization Lab Technician
·       Semiconductor Sr. Operator
·       I worked in a Wafer Factory/Clean room wearing a Bunny Suit or Space Suit
·       Camera Man and Control Room Operator
·       Merv Griffin Enterprises –at several Greyhound Racing Tracks
·       Commercial Fisherman​

Countries/Regions where I have worked:
·       Japan, Korea, Taiwan
·       Canada (Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec and Toronto)
·       USA (Southeast, Northeast, Northern and South California), Colorado

Recent certifications:
·       Enterprise Security Manager (SIEM)
·       Next Generation Firewalls

        Network Security Architecture

Sales Rep of the QTR
·       Q2 2011
·       Q2 2013
·       Q2 2014 Runner-up


·      #1 to quota in 2016

·      Net Promoter Winner in Q1 2017

Interesting Facts:
·       My grandfather and great grandfather were the architects for the empire state building

 **** Their picture is on the wall in the lobby ***
·       I was in Tokyo during 911

I used my first cell phone at the Super Bowl in 1992 (Cowboys beat Buffalo)

·       Programmed custom P&L’s within SAP’s Financial Module for Asian factories.
·       Work in Lubbock Texas on the Speak Spell…as a Yield improvement engineering technician
·       Wrote my first software program in 1985 to test a computer chip
·       A was springboard diver and I placed 4th in Florida in the 1979 (Jr. Olympics Qualifier )

Hi! My name is